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Lake Motosuko

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Area:Mt. Fuji/Fuji Five Lakes

Mt. Fuji World Cultural Heritage Site Asset (Registered in June 2013)
Lake Motosuko is the deepest and clearest of the Fuji Five Lakes, and as a result it is a popular spot for people interested in aquatic sports and camping. The lake is located at an altitude of 900m and is 121.6m deep at the deepest point, with the area of 4.7 square kilometers, was created by the eruption of Mt. Fuji, and has no inflow or outflow from a river. Its scenic beauty is exceptional. Including Lake Motosuko, five large lakes located on a line like a bow at the northern foot of Mt. Fuji are called the “Fuji Go-ko (the Fuji Five Lakes).” Based on the legend that Hasegawa Kakugyo performed the ascetic water practices in the lakes of Mt. Fuji in the late 16th century, many Fuji-ko (Mt. Fuji religion) worshippers pilgrimized along the eight lakes of Mt Fuji and performed ascetic water practices (Uchihakkaimeguri). Of the Fuji Five Lakes, Lake Motosuko boasts a particularly outstanding scenic landscape, and has therefore been the source of inspiration for many works of art. A greate number of photography enthsiasts, professional and amature, have loved Mt. Fuji and the lake, and taken a lot of pictures of them. One of those, is the famous photo of “Sakasa-fuji (Mt. Fuji and its reflection in the water of the lake), photographed in 1935 from Naka-no-kura Toge passing on the north-western side of Lake Motosuko, by Okada Koyo (1895 - 1972) who had been continuously photographing Mt. Fuji throughout his life. The photo was titled “Kohan-no Haru (Lake Side in Spring),” and adopted in the design for the 5,000-yen bill in 1984, and 1,000-yen bill in 2004.



Minobu-cho, Fujikawaguchiko-machi, Minami-tsuru-gun


Nearest I.C.

Chuo Expressway, Kawaguchiko IC

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Fujikyuko Line, Kawaguchiko Station

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Kawaguchiko Station

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50 minutes by bus from Kawaguchiko Station, Fuji Kyuko Line.



There are some free parking lots at the lakeside.


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Kawaguchiko-machi Tourism Division

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