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Nishizawa Gorge

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Area:Isawa/Katsunuma/Nishizawa Gorge

Nishizawa Gorge is the typical beauty spot of Yamanashi prefecture in Chichibu Tama Kai National Park. In Showa 37, about 10 local volunteers started developing this area from ‘Narei Sawa’ which is the joint point of Nishi-zawa (West stream) and Higashi-zawa (East stream). At that time, because road had not been equipped yet, large-size machine tools could not go in the gorge, so the project was practiced by human power. Nowadays, the walking trail is equipped and you can walk easily, but you have to be aware the peculiar danger of gorge. Please enjoy the nature of Nishizawa gorge, paying your attention. In spring you enjoy the colonies of Rhododendron degronianum and greens, in summer, you view the scenery filled with cool. In autumn, the place is crowded with hiker because of the beautiful autumn leaves. You will enjoy the distant view of Tosaka Moutain, Tokusa-Moutain, and Hahu Mauntain for each season.
In March of Heisei 19 (2007), this place is authorized as a Forest therapy base. In June of Heisei 20 (2008), the water was selected as the best 100 water in Japan.
The gorge has stunning waterfall and autumn views including those of trees such as maples, Japanese beeches and larches, and the Nanatsugama Godan Fall.
The best time of colored leaves is from mid-October to the end of November.



Mitomi, Yamanashi City


Nearest I.C.

Chuo Expressway、Katsunuma IC

Nearest station

JR Chuo Line Yamanashi-shi Station

Nearest highway bus stop


Nearest bus stop

NIsizawa Keikoku Iricuhi (City bus)

Transportation details

By bus: 60 minutes by a city bus from Yamanashishi Station, JR Chuo Main Line. Get off at the Nishizawa-keikoku stop.
Bu taxi: 30 minutes from Yamanashishi Station, JR Chuo Main Line.
By car: 50 minutes from Katsunuma IC, Chuo Expressway.
There are 4 buses a day to and from the station. Please confirm beforehand.







Free city parking lot is available. You can also park your car in paid private parking, and roadside station(michino eki).

Activities Program


List of hands-on programs, remarks

Nishizawa Keikoku (Nishizawa Valley) Guide
Total time: 4 and a half hours, 3,300 yen for up to 10 people, sign up at least a week in advance
Tel: 0553-22-1111 Yamanashi city office, tourism commerce department

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Yamanashi City Tourism Association

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Other information

Two types of guide are available in Nishizawa Gorge. Both of them are available from May to November limitedly. (Pay service) 1: Forest therapy guide who tells the effect of relaxing of forest and gorge. The guide having professional knowledge goes with you and guide you. 2: Companion guide from Nishizawa Gorge guide club. This is the general guide for tourists.

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