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Okuniwa Natural Park

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Area:Mt. Fuji/Fuji Five Lakes

Okuniwa Natural Park is the one of the most rich in nature place among the places along the Fuji Subaruline (Mt.Fuji Tool Road).Starting from the Okuniwa parking lot,go down the slope toward northwest amid the wild forest of Abies veitchii and Japanese hemlock (this area is the east edge of the Okuniwa parasite volcano crater), and then you will get Okuniwa-So(lodge) in around 3 minutes. On the both side of the stone-paved trail, you will see Larch, Abies veitchii, Japanese hemlock, rhododendron, mountain ash, waving lava rocks, and undergrowth including cow-berry and Rose nipponesis.
After you walk 300m on the nature trail of the bottom of the crater, you will walk on the uphill slope leading to the crater wall, and then finally will get the Okuniwa observation deck. Shichitaro ridge starting from the north peak of the Hakusandake Mountain spreads like the back of horse in the front of Okuniwa, and it is the perfect point to observe the perpendicular distribution of plants. At the same time, the wide skirt that gray Fuji-lava-rock layer and red-volcano gravel-scoria layer lie on top of each other, which proves that it is the stratovolcano. Scoria is the cellular light volcano gravel that basaltic magma gushed out in the air, and the gas in the basaltic magma went away. If you follow at the line of the ridge from the east side of the peak (left side), you will see a distant view of Komitake 5th station parking lot and Komitake volcano. Komitake volcano is assumed to be the oldest one among the Mt.Fuji volcano and was formed mainly from the plural pyroxene andesite at the eruption 500,000 years ago, and the east side has a crater with the ridge-line on which the curve was drawn greatly.




Fujisan Narusawa-mura Minamitsuru-gun


Nearest I.C.

Chuo Expressway, Kawaguchiko IC

Nearest station

Fujikyuko Line, Kawaguchiko Station

Nearest highway bus stop

Fujisan Go-Gome:Mt.Fuji 5th Station

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Transportation details

40 minutes from Kawaguchiko IC to Mt.Fuji 5th station by car /60 minutes from Kawaguchiko Station to the Fujisan gogome mae bus stop by bus







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Narusawa Village Tourism Association

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The road is closed due to the road condition Irregularly


Tool (Round trip): standard-sized car: 2,000 yen


View of Mt. Fuji  View of The Southern Alps 


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