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Fuji Sengen-jinja Shrine (Subashiri Sengenjinja Shrine)

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Fuji Sengen Shrine became the starting point of the Subashiri Ascending Route. It attracted many adherents of the Fuji-ko religion, and there remain approximately 70 commemorative markers indicating things such as a person climbing Fujisan 33 times. According to shrine legend, it was built in 807. Although it incurred major damage from the Hoei eruption (1707), it was rebuilt in 1718 and has since been repeatedly repaired to reach its current state.
When the main shrine hall was restored in 2009, it was discovered that some sections of the hall had been built using beams that were around 300 years old. The shrine to the deity Ebisu is made entirely from zelkova and there is a wonderful carving of a dragon that has to be seen to be believed. The “Nobushige no Taki” waterfall delivers water to the “Sengen no Mori” compound, which measures some 16,500m2. The waterfall creates a refreshing spray of water mist. In spring, the Sargent’s cherry trees near the main torii gate bloom to give bright pink blossoms. Many wild birds visit the shrine and it has become rather popular with birdwatchers as a result.

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126 Subashiri Oyama Town


Nearest I.C.

Gotenba I.C.

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JR Gotenba Station

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JR御殿場駅から富士急行バス 富士学校・河口湖行乗車25分須走浅間神社前バス停下車すぐ






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