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Sekisui-ji Hot Spring Yogai

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A quiet, lone mountain lodging behind Takeda Shrine and just 15 minutes from the north exit of Kofu Station by car.

The birthplace of Shingen Takeda, it’s located behind Sekisui Temple, which also goes by the name “Yogai” because it sits at the foot of Yogai Castle, built by Shingen’s father Nobutora.

The neuralgia and rheumatism hot spring is quite warming and provides relief for back pains, sprains, gynecological complaints, and gastrointestinal issues.

The surrounding mountains show of the beauty of the changing seasons – from Spring cherry blossoms to fall leaves, enjoy a world that you won’t believe is only 15 minutes from Kofu Station and which is different from the streets of Kofu City.

The lodging offers 18 cozy rooms that while by no means opulent, make up for this with the views from the rooms, the meals, the onsen hot springs, and other elements.

You can see the Kofu basin and the mountains of the Minami Alps in the distance from the lodging, and at night you can enjoy a view of the Kofu basin that looks like an overturned jewelry box.

All the meals are prepared by hand. Rainbow trout, a specialty here, is simmered in a sweet sauce for two days and is a delicacy that’s popular with many. And our ozara is sure to delight. It’s made with thin, cold hoto noodles and topped with a warm broth filled with vegetables and served year-round to conclude your dinner. Don’t miss the provincial cuisine made with wild vegetables from the mountains behind the lodging.

The outdoor spa boasts a panoramic view all to you. While the time away as you enjoy the surrounding mountains, or glittering starry sky and night view, and everything in between.





1003 Kamisekisuiji-machi,Kofu-shi


Nearest I.C.

Chuo Expressway Kofu-syowa Interchange

Nearest station

JR Chuo Line Kofu Station

Nearest highway bus stop

Kofu Station

Transportation details

30 minutes from the Kofu-Showa IC.





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Sekisui-ji Hot Spring Yogai

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Room type(for people)

18 rooms(capacity of 50 guests)


Large public bath  Hot springs  Outdoor bath  Hot spring available for non-guests 


Stunning night view  Beautiful starry sky

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MasterCard|Diners Club

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