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YAMANASHI in Streetview

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Yamanashi in Street View Title 

Google Streetview Trekker Partner program


We participated in Google's "Street View Trekker Partnership Program"
and photographed Yamanashi's tourism sites. As part of the program, we borrowed Google's "trekker" equipment  and went out to snap pictures of each site. The trekker is the latest in photography technology capable of taking pictures of navigable locations.

As a tourism endeavor on behalf of Yamanashi Prefecture, we photographed Yamanashi's 100 famous peaks and various tourism sites. Mt. Fuji isn't the only thing you can find in Yamanashi! Through this project, we hope to show the world all of the attractions Yamanashi has to offer.


※The Street View Trekker Partnership Program is a program that lends out a trekker, a backpack-style piece of equipment for streetview photography, to tourism organizations, nonprofit organizations, universities, and research institutions, all free of charge.

shooting location

You can check out recommended travel spots from home!

桜 神社仏閣 観光施設
山梨百名山 絶景 温泉
紅葉 その他  



Take a look behind the scenes at the photographing process!
We received support from a number of people from the local municipalities,tourism organizations,
and the owners of the participating facilities.