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National Parks

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Minami Alps National Park

img16_01.jpgMinami Alps National Park, extending across Yamanashi, Nagano and Shizuoka, is one of the major mountain parks in Japan.

Yatsugatake Chushin-Kogen Quasi-National Park

img17_01.jpgThis wide park that spans both Yamanashi and Nagano prefectures boasts lakes, white birch trees and alpine plants, all encompassing the Yatsugatake peaks at its center. Kiyosato and other highlands, with their pastoral scenery reminiscent of European landscapes, capture the hearts of their many visitors.

Chichibu-Tama-Kai National Park


Extending throughout the prefectures of Yamanashi, Tokyo, Saitama and Nagano, this park claims more than 20 peaks of over 6,557 ft, but no volcanoes.