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Spring in Yamanashi

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Spring in Yamanashi
Cherry Blossoms Heralding Spring in Yamanashi

arakura sengen 2019

Arakurayama Sengen Park

At this popular spot, snap your own shot of this beautiful scenery, heralded overseas as Japans most famous image. The Chureito pagoda on the right, Mt. Fuji in the back and spring’s Cherry blossoms in full bloom make for a sight not to be forgotten.

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Yamataka Jindai-zakura

nature 2019-06

Japan’s oldest cherry blossom tree, marking the passage of time for two millennia

This two-thousand-year-old cherry tree is one of Japan’s Three Great Cherry Trees. Japan’s oldest giant tree and one of its largest, is a designated national natural monument.

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Spring in Yamanashi; Dipped in the colors of fields of vibrant flowers


The View of Togenkyo from Shakado

nature 2019-07

Kyotoh area which is located in eastern Yamanashi is one of the most famous peach-producing areas in Japan. Vast peach fields spread throughout the whole area of this area. As the flat land does not have much difference of elevation, once peach blossoms start blooming, a beautiful pink carpet of flowers stretch as far as the eye can see. During this season, you can also see the rear slopes of the Minami Alps covered in pink.

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 Fuji Shibazakura Festival(Fuji Motosuko Resort)

nature 2019-08

The foothills of Mt. Fuji are blanketed with moss phlox flowers. Many tourists visit from across the country each year to see this sight. This festival embraces the contrast of colors between Mt. Fuji and the gorgeous flowers rested below.

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Glamping in Kiyosato: Within Kiyosato forest, lets enjoy a camping experience as luxurious as a 5-star Hotel!

nature 2019-09

Gramping at Okanokoen in Kiyosato

There are countless amounts of camp sites all across Yamanashi prefecture, and within the countless campsites all across Yamanashi prefecture, a particular style of camping has been gaining great traction. Introducing Glamping!
Glamping is a combination of the two words Glamourous and Camping. It is a particular type of camping experience that combines the style and comfort of a hotel with the beauty and joy of nature.
For today’s post, thrilled with the idea of our first glamping experience we headed towards an area filled with fellow Glampers, the Kiyosato Okanokoen to spend the night.
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Shosenkyo Gorge

nature 2019-10

The Shosenkyo gorge is located amidst a forested region with various rock formations and waterfalls. It is often regarded as a national treasure for its exuberance that can be enjoyed in all seasons. Famous for preserving the excellent quality of its waters, the gorge is included in “The Heisei Era 100 best water sites”, drawn up by the minister of the environment, in consideration of each sites sustainability, water availability, harmony of the wildlife and preservation level. A hiking path leads for about four kilometers along the Arakawa River from the Nagatoro Bridge to the Sengataki Waterfall, offering a beautiful scenery of the mountain river and the narrow valley. Located north of Kofu City in Yamanashi, it has direct and convenient bus access from Kofu Station. 
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