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Ajisai Festivals

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Heralding the early summer season, beautiful ajisai (hydrangeas) bloom in various locations throughout Yamanashi.

Saruhashi Bridge and Ajisai Festival

Where: Otsuki City, Saruhashi Bridge and Saruhashi Park

When: Late June - Early July

Description: In the area around Saruhashi Bridge (one of Japan's "three odd bridges") and Saruhashi Park, picturesque paths are lined with around 3,000 blooming hydrangeas.

Saruhashi Park Ajisai

Minobu Ajisai Festival



Where: Minobu Town, Utsubuna Park

When: Mid through late June

Description: The Minobu Ajisai Festival will take place at Utsubuna Park, a place famous for its flowers. See around 25,000 hydrangeas in full bloom representing about 70 varieties.