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ホーム > Operation schedule of emergency buses to Shinjuku

Operation schedule of emergency buses to Shinjuku

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Due to the effects of Typhoon #19 all trains and buses between Yamanashi and Tokyo are currently suspended. Heading towards Tokyo right now is quite difficult. 
In response, emergency buses are being implemented from Kofu station into Tokyo ( Shinjuku station). 
Days of Operation: 10/13/2019 (SUN) and possible into the 14th. 

Departure Times: 13:30, 14:30, 15:30 ( 3 buses only )
Departure Area : JR Kofu Station South Entrance Rental Bus Area
Tickets Available at: Kofu Station Bus Terminal
Travel time 3.5hrs
Price: 3,000¥ per seat

Please direct all question to Yamanashi Transportation Travel Office 
Travel Bus Office