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Wine Tourism - Spring Edition 2018

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Wine Tourism Spring - Visit Fuefuki Wineries!

The spring edition of one of Yamanashi's most famous wine events will be held on April 15th (Sun)!

The Wine Tourism Yamanashi is an event organized by grape farms, wineries, restaurants, shops, NPOs, the local government and others, aiming at promoting wine producing districts in Yamanashi.

Walk around Japan's most famous wineries and enjoy the beautiful sight of pink peach flowers and yellow nanohaha!
Lean more about grape culture and wine production, and taste some of the best wines from Yamanashi.

How to join the Wine Tourism

Apply online here.

The fee is 3500 yen and allows you to ride the bus who takes participants from the Isawa Onsen station to every winery.
It also includes books with information about the wineries, map and a special wine glass, that can be used for tasting at the wineries.

Winery list

  • Alps Wine
  • Liaison Wine
  • Fuefuki Wine
  • New Yamanashi Wine
  • Mars Winery
  • Monde Winery
  • Yashiro Jōzō
  • Yahagi Wine
  • Lumiere
  • Kitanoro Wine
  • Aramaki Wine

Official website

Wine Tourism Yamanashi