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ホーム > Charming highland resort `Yatsugatake' 

Charming highland resort `Yatsugatake' 

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Located in the Yatsugatake Nanroku area of Northern Yamanashi, lies the Kiyosato Highlands. With easy access to both Tokyo and Nagoya it is a travel spot growing each day in popularity. It is also known as a highland resort where you can not only view the beauty of the Yatsugatake mountains, but also Mt.Fuji, the Minami Alps range and many more of wonderous Mountain Ranges the area has to offer.
Yatsugatake Nanroku has also been growing increasingly popular as a sports and activities hot spot with things like mountain climbing and trecking, golf and tennis. However not in any way to be neglected is its many museums and art galleries which have helped the area gain recognition of a town filled with art.

Additionally, the area famous as home to a multitude of hot springs, and it’s delicious water. Furthermore, it is known as a production spot for world class level beer, sake, wine, and whisky.

As of now, Yatsugatake Nanroku is celebrated as a charming area worthy enough of the title “number one town in Japan, citizens want to move to”.

And this time we would like to introduce to you some indispensable information for traveling around this wonderful area!


Taking in a panoramic view of Kiyosato at the 1900m high Kiyosato Terrace

kiyosato terrace 201907-07

Trekking through the nature of Kiyosato

kiyosato trekking 201907-06

Glamping in Kiyosato: Within Kiyosato forest, lets enjoy a camping experience as luxurious as a 5-star Hotel!

kiyosato glamping 2019-02

Learn the history of Kiyosato! Paul Rusch Memorial Hall and Seisen-Ryo

paul rusch memorial 201907-04

The Nakamura Keith Haring Collection

keith haring 201907 07

Soba-Noodle Making Experience

sobauchi kobuchisawa 201907-17

Transportation in Kiyosato

kiyosato transporation 2019 01