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Who was Takeda Singen-ko?

Takeda Shingen was a famous warlord in the province of Kai, present-day Yamanashi Prefecture, during the Warring States period. Considered the greatest strategist of the Warring States period, he won numerous battles and expanded his territory. Not only was he a powerful ruler, but he was also an exceptional politician and an innovative administrator. In particular, his famous achievement involved the construction of an embankment in the area that had long been prone to flooding from heavy rains. This levee is called "Shingen Tsutsumi (Shingen Levee)" and still protects the lives of the nearby residents.


What is the Shingen-ko Festival? What is the Koshu Battalion Deployment?

The Shingen-ko Festival is a festival held every year to commemorate the legacy of Takeda Shingen, a renowned general of the Warring States period. The main event of the festival is the "Koshu Battalion Deployment.” This event reenacts the Koshu Battalion Deployment of warriors marching to the battlefield of Kawanakajima (Battle of Kawanakajima), in which Takeda Shingen fought Uesugi Kenshin, a rival warlord who ruled the northern part of Japan. It is a spectacular sight to witness with more than 1,000 participants dressed in samurai costumes. The whole area is transformed into a great picture scroll of the Warring States period.


Introducing “Fu (wind)- Rin(forest)- Ka (fire) -Zan (mountain)” Koshu Battalion

A "jinya" is a temporary military camp where samurai warriors wait in preparation for battle. Each of Takeda Shingen's troops prepared for battle and prayed for victory while drinking sake at their respective camps. Each camp is a waiting area for troops, where visitors can take pictures with samurai in armor.


P49 Jinya No./Troop No.