Mt. Fuji


Checklist Have Packed Comments
Water(0.5-1 Liter)     Hydration is essential.
Candy/Chocolate     Put them in your pockets.
Rice balls/Bean paste buns     Energy to help you climb.
Towel     More convenient if you take two.
Sweater     A fleece jacket would also work.
Sweatshirt     Sure is nice to be warm, right?
Raincoat/Windbreaker     A ski jacket would also be fine.
Rainproof Pants     Just what you need to combat the cold.
A change of shoes     If possible.
Sports tights/Long johns     To keep out the cold.
A change of shirt     To replace the one you may have sweat in.
Thick gloves     A must to get through the rocky stretches!
Hat/Cap     One with an adequate rim.
Sunglasses     If possible.
Flashlight     A definite must for night climbs!
Medicine     Antiseptics, adhesives, nonprescription drugs.
Copy of Insurance Card     Just in case.
Oxygen bottle     If possible.
Camera     Keep those good memories.
Garbage bag     Protect the environment.
Tissues     For toilet use. Use tissues that will dissolve in water.