Fuji-Ichi-Kan (Mountain lodge)

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This mountain lodge is located at the 7th station on the Yoshida trail of 2,800m above sea level. It was all renovated in 2010. The name ‘Fuji-Ichi-Kan’ came from the reason that it was built with the most modern style among the mountain lodges of Mt.Fuji. (Ichi means 'the first' and 'the most'). The older building at that time burned down in 1940 (Showa 15), and then the new one was built not by the traditional construction system of rock chamber, but built by the modernistic construction system. The service: lodging and selling commodities. No rest-station service during the daytime. Branding for the pilgrim’s staff is available. (The photo is from Fuji-Goko TV http://www.fujigoko.tv/)

Venue Address

403-0005 Yoshida Trail, Fujiyoshida City

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Other Indoor Activities

  • The Narusawa area’s roadside rest and shopping hub offers the visitor splendid views of Mount Fuji and much more. The shop in the main building sells freshly harvested local highland fruits and vegetables, as well as locally brewed sake and ready-to-eat condiments.

  • Viewing Mount Fuji on its own is splendid enough, but it is in relation to the surrounding mountains that one can begin to comprehend the sheer scale and size of Japan’s most iconic mountain. This observation deck offers that opportunity.

  • All throughout Aokigahara Forest are underground caves formed by lava from the massive eruption of Mount Fuji in 864 CE. One of these is the Fugaku Wind Cave, which has an average internal temperature of 3°C and was historically used as a natural refrigerator.

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