Hinode-Kan (Mountain lodge)

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The mountain lodge located at the 7th station on Mt.Fuji Yoshida trail and directly below the first-aid station, opens only during the summer. The owner Osamu Nakamura is a professional cameraman. He takes a lot of pictures of Mt.Fuji and displays them at the mountain lodge.Although it had originally been called Fumyodoson-muro with historical background, the lodge is named ‘Hinode-kan’ (Sun-rise hall), because the building stands facing the east and is perfect for enjoying the sun-rise. At the Irori fireplace, the kettle for the tea ceremony donated by Fuji-ko (Mt. Fuji faith) in 1826 (Bunsei 9)is placed. It takes one hour and half from 5th station to Hinode-kan, and 4hours from Hinode-kan to the peak of the mountain.

Venue Address

403-0005 Yoshida Trail, Fujiyoshida City

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Other Indoor Activities

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  • Aokigahara is a dense, primeval forest of mixed coniferous and broadleaf trees stretching across 30 square kilometers. The forest floor consists of volcanic rock, which is hardened lava that flowed from Mount Fuji when the volcano had a major eruption in the year 864.

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