Mt. Fuji Hon-7th Station Torii-So (Mountain lodge)

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The mountain lodge is located at the Hon 7th station of Mt.Fuji. The red Torii-gate is the land mark of Torii-So. It is 2,900 m above sea level. The people who climbed Mt.Fuji before on the Yoshida Trail might have seen this red Torii-gate. After you pass under the red Torii-gate, you will get the Torii-So lodge. At this mountain lodge, you can observe the sunrise ‘Goraiko’ from your room. If the weather is nice, the great view of Lake Kawaguchiko, Lake Yamanakako, the Bay of Sagami, Kita-Alps Range, Minami-Alps Range, and Mitsu-Touge will spread. It takes 150-180 minutes from the 5th station to Torii-So on foot. It takes 180-240 minutes form Torii-So to the summit of Mt.Fuji on foot. The service is mainly lodgment. There is not rest station service. The stand sells Ramen noodles, Udon noodles, Bento to go, water, hot coffee, hot milk, portable oxygen cylinder, and so on. The branding for a pilgrim’s staff is available for the memory of Mt.Fuji-climbing at the price of 200yen.

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403-0005 Yoshida Trail, Fujiyoshida City

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Other Indoor Activities

  • The Narusawa area’s roadside rest and shopping hub offers the visitor splendid views of Mount Fuji and much more. The shop in the main building sells freshly harvested local highland fruits and vegetables, as well as locally brewed sake and ready-to-eat condiments.

  • Viewing Mount Fuji on its own is splendid enough, but it is in relation to the surrounding mountains that one can begin to comprehend the sheer scale and size of Japan’s most iconic mountain. This observation deck offers that opportunity.

  • Aokigahara is a dense, primeval forest of mixed coniferous and broadleaf trees stretching across 30 square kilometers. The forest floor consists of volcanic rock, which is hardened lava that flowed from Mount Fuji when the volcano had a major eruption in the year 864.

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