Saiko Kohan Campsite (Saiko Lakeside Campsite)

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Located 902 meters above sea level and facing lakeside of Saiko. At this camp site you enjoy not only the lake but also forest. The site accommodates 320 people. There are 41 bungalows, lighting for night, and assembly room, so the site is appropriate for school tour, camping school and training course as well as for auto camp. Even when it rains, you can prepare your own meals at the three self-catering places. It is very convenient in case of bad weather.Accessible bathroom is equipped and the land-form is flat on the whole. The plants and trees in the garden are looked after well. By the way, there is a big water tank in the administration office, and many fish which are never alive in Lake Saiko, were swimming in it. It is funny but owner’s pleasure.

Venue Address

401-0332 207-7 Saiko, Fujikawaguchiko-machi, Minamitsuru-gun

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Other Indoor Activities

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