Sato-goya (Mountain lodge)

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Sato-goya is the closest mountain lodge from the parking lot of the 5th station of Mt.Fuji. It takes 30 minutes from the parking lot on foot. You can take a rest, have meals, and enjoy BBQ here, as well as you can stay at this lodge. Many visitors are climbers which start climbing at the entrance of Yoshida Trail(Mt.Fuji) which is located at the Kitaguti-Hongu-Fujisengen shrine. If you feel that climbing to the peak of Mt.Fuji and seeing Goraiko (sunrise) are hard, you can just enjoy BBQ and feel Mt.Fuji here. Sato-goya is the only lodge which opens other than summer time among the mountain lodges on Mt.Fuji. Because Mt.Fuji is the highest mountain in Japan, you should know that the winter time with snows and frozen slopes, is always dangerous even to experts. Mt.Fuji during the winter is severe, which is life threatening condition. Sato-goya requires the advance reservation basically during the winter. In winter, Sato-goya accepts the climbers only with experiences of winter-mountain or snowed-mountain climbing. After Sato-goya consult the people who want to stay on the phone, they will decide whether the visitor can be accepted.

Venue Address

403-0005 Yoshida Trail, Fujiyoshida City

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Other Indoor Activities

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