Yurari-Hot Spring with a Great View of Mt. Fuji

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This hot spring facility has 16 types of baths with the idea of feng shui and Hado-art. Reiho open air bath, cave bath, and Goemon bath(metal bathtub heated from beneath) will stimulate your five senses from several aspects. There are 6 types of chartered baths which you can have by bath fee and extra fee. Families and couples can enjoy their private bath time according to the potencies of them. (1580 yen per room for 45 minutes in addition to bath fee). 26 of every month is ‘Bath Day’. An event that takami-bath(High place bath) is prepared as an Aroma bath is organized (except August). Body refreshing service is available, such as Thai massage or Korean scrubbing. The restaurant ‘Okari-ba’ of private rooms, provides hot pot dish with local chicken ’Koshu-jidori’ and local cuisine ‘Hoto’. If you order a set menu, a mini steam locomotive will carry the dish. Yurari also provides local brew beers directly from Sylvans of a local beer restaurant.(Wine list of Yamanashi Prefecture)Sadoya-Mon Cher Vin- Red and White


Venue Address

401-0320 8532-5 Narusawa-mura, Minamitsuru-gun

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Other Indoor Activities

  • The Narusawa area’s roadside rest and shopping hub offers the visitor splendid views of Mount Fuji and much more. The shop in the main building sells freshly harvested local highland fruits and vegetables, as well as locally brewed sake and ready-to-eat condiments.

  • Viewing Mount Fuji on its own is splendid enough, but it is in relation to the surrounding mountains that one can begin to comprehend the sheer scale and size of Japan’s most iconic mountain. This observation deck offers that opportunity.

  • Aokigahara is a dense, primeval forest of mixed coniferous and broadleaf trees stretching across 30 square kilometers. The forest floor consists of volcanic rock, which is hardened lava that flowed from Mount Fuji when the volcano had a major eruption in the year 864.

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