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The 8th station Hakuun-So (Mountain Lodge)

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In the old days, Hakuun-So(Mountain Lodge) was called Sengyo-Muro. Still now, the statue of Sengyo is worshiped at the household-altar of the mountain lodge as a god. Hakuun-So is located at 3,200 m above sea level at the 8th station of Mt.Fuji. The name of Hakuun-So(Hakuum means white clouds) came from the reason that the building stands above clouds. Lodging is the main service and advance reservation by phone call is required. There is no rest-station room service. The stand sells snack and drink. It sells also water, coffee, cocoa, bread, and simple mountain items. Branding for the pilgrim’s staff is available. The landlady says that she wants to host the guests carefully. Water supply is limited and bath is not available, because lodge is located in the specific environment of Mt.Fuji. Although the service for guests is limited, she wants to encourage the climbers, hoping climber's safety journey.





Yoshida Trail, Fujiyoshida City


Nearest I.C.

Chuo Expressway, Kawaguchiko IC/Higashi-Fujigoko Road, Fujiyoshida IC

Nearest station

Fujikyuko Line, Kawaguchiko Station/Fujisan Station

Nearest highway bus stop

Fujisan 5 gome (Mt.Fuji 5th station)/ Kawaguchiko Station/Fujisan Station

Nearest bus stop

Fujisan 5 gome (Mt.Fuji 5th station)/ Sengen Jinja mae

Transportation details

300 minutes walking from the Yoshida Trail Iriguchi (entrance) to Mt Fuji 5th station

30 minutes from Kawaguchiko IC and Fujiyoshida IC to Umagaeshi by car-->130 minutes walking from Umagaeshi to Mt. Fuji 5th station.

40 minutes from Kawaguchiko IC and Fujiyoshida IC to Mt Fuji 5th Station via Fuji Subaruline (Mt.Fuji Tool Road) by car







Bus (5th station: capacity of 38 cars)
Standard-sized car :( Umagaeshi: capacity of 30 cars/ 5th station: capacity of 330 cars)


Rest room 

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The 8th station Hakuun-So

Telephone number


URL External link )

Opening Days

around 7/1-around 9/20


Room type(for people)

Large Hall, Bunk bed (mainly Japanese Futon, some sleeping bags) / the capacity of 300 guests


Dinner: Hamburger topped curry and rice/ Breakfast: Bento box (Portable)


Combustion bio toilet


No smoking/smoking rooms  Single guests are welcome 


View of Mt. Fuji  View of The Southern Alps  View of Mt. Yatsugatake  Stunning night view  Beautiful starry sky

Other information

Every summer, during the crowded peak season, the number of the car is controlled on Fuji Subaruline (Mt.Fuji Tool Road) to preserve the nature of Mt. Fuji, and to reduce the traffic jam. During this term, private cars are not allowed to go to 5th station. Park your car at designated free parking lots near you, and take a pay shuttle bus or other alternative transportation.

Service in other languages is available

Foreign language assistance


Accepted credit cards


Universal Design

AED equipped 

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