Experience the national parks near Mt. Fuji

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Sample courses for excursions around the national parks Readily accessible courses needing no preparation

A.Mt. Fuji Fifth Station Course

A course to enjoy the nature of Mt. Fuji to the full at Mt. Fuji's fifth station, which can be reached with little difficulty.

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B.Course to learn about Mt. Fuji and nature

Experience Mt. Fuji as a volcano. A study course through which people can also learn about Mt. Fuji's natural environment.

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C.Active experience course

A course to enjoy the walking trails around Lake Kawaguchiko, recommended for those who which to experience a variety of things

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D.Arts course

The arts are an excellent fit for the Mt. Fuji experience. A course to experience the arts to the full.

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Hiking/mountain climbing course Are you ready? Trekking in the true sense

A.Mt. Fuji mountain climbing course

Up to the highest peak in Japan! Experience the world from the location in Japan closest to the sky!

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B.Fifth station trekking course

A course to stroll leisurely along the "Ochudo" walking trail near the fifth station.

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C.Aokigahara "sea of trees" walking course

A course to help you lose yourself in the charm of the shapes of the volcanic rock and the mossy, serene and utterly fantastic "sea of trees."

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Learning more about Mt. Fuji Tell me more! Mt. Fuji rangers

One more thing to enjoy Appreciating local fruit and wines

Movies about Mt. Fuji

Photo library This introduces the appeal of national parks through photographs.


Fujisan Watcher the Mt.Fuji World Heritage Site