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Apple Apples colored a bright red on the tree Ripe, sweet-sour, and deliciously juicy

Apple picking

Apples colored a bright red on the tree are fully ripe and deliciously juicy. With each bite into the crisp flesh, a sweet-sour flavor spreads throughout the mouth.
Many apples grow on the lower branches of trees, so they are safe for even small children to pick. If the bottom of an apple is yellow, the fruit is ready to eat. Either bite into the apple skin and all, or use the knife available at the orchard to peel the skin, remove the core, and savor the flesh only. The taste is slightly different with the skin on and off. Why not try both?

Apple picking facilities


  • 240 Ichinomiyacho-Tsuchizuka, Fuefuki-shi, Yamanashi
  • 0553-47-2111

Miharashien offers fruit for picking throughout the year—strawberries from January to May, peaches from June to August, grapes from early August to late November, and apples from late October to late November. In spring, it commands a view of peach blossoms in full bloom.

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