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Yamanashi is rich in nature and enjoys many of its bounties, too. Fruit picking in the home of Mt. Fuji and the Fuji Five Lakes offers the special culinary experience of harvesting ripe fruit straight off the branches and vines and quenching your appetite on the spot, all while taking in the magnificent scenery of Japan’s four seasons. Also with winery tours for tasting the product of one of Japan’s top wine producing regions, and sake brewery tours for getting in touch with traditional Japanese culture, there’s plenty to see, eat, drink, feel, and enjoy. Yamanashi’s diversity of culinary experiences promises to satisfy both your hunger and your heart!

Yamanashi Fruit Picking

  • Strawberry Strawberry picking standing straight up Twice as delicious with condensed milk
  • Cherry Delicately sweet and juicy cherries Relish the luxury “Jewel of Fruits”
  • Peach Japan’s top producer, best flavors Savor freshly picked ripe peaches
  • Grape A diversity of grape varieties Savor a different one each season
  • Blueberry A juicy treat only for the picker Shuttle service to the blueberry farm
  • Apple Apples colored a bright red on the tree Ripe, sweet-sour, and deliciously juicy

Yamanashi Wineries, Sake Breweries

  • Winery Compare quality wines in one of Japan’s greatest wine-producing regions
  • Nihonshu(sake) brewery Delight in traditional Japanese liquor at breweries filled with a mellow aroma

Yamanashi Restaurants

  • Restaurants Relish Yamanashi’s prided cuisine using plenty of local ingredients

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