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Nihonshu (sake) brewery Delight in traditional Japanese liquor at breweries filled with a mellow aroma

Nihonshu (sake) brewery tour

Nihonshu, commonly known in the English-speaking world as sake, is a time-honored hallmark of Japanese liquor. Made with rice and water by master brewers called toji, sake is an embodiment of the producing region’s history and culture, land and climate.
Brewery tours offer a lesson in the history of sake and traditional brewing methods in spaces filled with a mellow aroma. At the end of a round of surprise and excitement, each brewery serves its prided sake along with an explanation on how to enjoy it—the differences in flavor and aroma according to brewing method, when to enjoy sake chilled (hiya) or warmed (kan), and foods that complement sake.


Refined Sake Kai no Kaiun

Refined Sake Kai no Kaiun
  • 8 Funatsu Fujikawaguchiko-machi Minamitsuru-gun
  • 0555-72-0006

Kai-no-Kaiun is known as the sake which is prepared with the water of Mt.Fuji for the brewing process. It has been being drunk by the people at the foot of Mt.Fuji. Ide sake brewery founded in Mid-Edo period produces the sake.

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