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Winery Compare quality wines in one of Japan’s greatest wine-producing regions

Winery experiences

Yamanashi produces some of the tastiest grapes in Japan, and is thus home to the greatest producers of quality wine. It has some 80 wineries that cover about 30 percent of the country’s wine production, many of which are winners of international wine competitions and whose grade of products is acclaimed both in Japan and abroad.
Winery experiences are a lot of fun, as they offer a close-up view of the winemaking process through tours of the bottle-filling line and wine cellar, complete with a tasting of each manufacturer’s prided products. Don’t miss your chance to try all the different brands and discover your favorite.


Hombo Shuzo Co., Ltd. Yamanashi Mars Winery

Hombo Shuzo Co., Ltd. Yamanashi Mars Winery
  • 126 Isawacho-Yamasaki, Fuefuki-shi, Yamanashi
  • 055-262-4121

Yamanashi Mars Winery seeks to produce world-class wines while always respecting the soil and climate of Yamanashi. We devote ourselves to fermenting grapes from our land into wines starting with the signature Chateau Mars line under the theme "harmony between mellow flavor and fine bouquet."

Monde brewery

Monde brewery
  • 476 Ichibe Isawa-cho Fuehuki City
  • 055-262-3161

The brewery was established in Showa 27 (1952). It produces and sells a wide variety of alcohol such as wine, whisky, brandy, and liqueur. After the tour of factory including processing-line and cellar, you can have a free tasting of more than 10 varieties of alcohol and can enjoy shopping at the attached direct-shop. Please stop by the store.

Lumiere Winery Restaurant Zelkova

Lumiere Winery Restaurant Zelkova
  • 624 Minaminoro, Ichinomiya-cho, Fuefuki-shi
  • 0553-47-4624

We cook rainbow trout, Koshu beef, Lumiere homemade wine bacon, Otsuka carrots, watercress (Doshi-mura), and local seasonal fruits and ingredients without the use of butter, but lightly seasoned with our homemade wine, vinegar, and Piran salt. Our food is beautiful to look at and gentle for the body.

Alps Wine

Alps Wine
  • 324-1 Kitsunearai Ichinomiyacho Fuefuki City
  • 0553-47-5881

The winery is located on the hill of 600 meters above sea level where you can command the view of the Kofu Basin of Ichinomiya Fuefuki City of ‘the place of the best harvest of peach in Japan’.

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