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how to Blueberry picking Learn the etiquette of Yamanashi umaii (delicious) feasting

  • Pay your entrance fee at reception to be guided inside.

  • Ripe blueberries come off the stem easily when pulled.

  • Berries that are a uniform dark bluish color are ripe.

  • The fine white powder on the surface of blueberries is called “bloom.” This is a natural substance that protects the berries from disease and drying. It is perfectly safe to eat.

Fruit picking dos and don’ts

  • All fruit picked may be eaten on the spot.

  • Visitors are not permitted to carry fruit outside the facility. Pick only what you can eat.

  • Do not leave uneaten fruit behind.

  • Bags are not permitted inside the facility.

  • Do not break the branches or pick the buds.

  • Do not climb the trees.

  • Be very careful when using the ladders. Your safety is your own responsibility.

  • Anyone arriving drunk will be denied entry.

  • The facility owner assumes no responsibility for theft or accidents.

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