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How to use My Plan

Map out your travel plans around culinary experiences and nearby destinations

My Plan is a convenient function that lets you combine the culinary experiences introduced here with sightseeing destinations nearby to create your original course.
Find culinary experience destinations on the website that interest you, and create a My Plan.
Use it to plan your trip beforehand, and as a guide map on arrival in Yamanashi.

1.Search facilities

Search for facilities that interest you in “Search facilities.”
On the facilities page, find facilities to add to your favorites.

2.Add to My Plan

“Add to My Plan” button
An “Add to My Plan” button will be displayed on facilities that may be added to your favorites.
“Create My Plan” button
A “Create My Plan” screen will be displayed based on the facilities you selected in “Add to My Plan.”

3.Create My Plan

Favorite sightseeing destinations
Sightseeing destinations selected while creating My Plan will be displayed on the right hand side of the page. Click the “Up” and “Down” buttons or use drag and drop to arrange the order in which they are displayed.
Display route
The locations of the sightseeing destinations you selected and the routes between them will be displayed on the left hand side of the page.
Search nearby destinations
Click the icon at the bottom of the map to search nearby destinations within the map and add them to My Plan.
Add note
Click “Add note” to add a note field. Several note fields may be added, and like sightseeing destinations, they may be arranged in any order.
Create My Plan
Click “Create My Plan” to save the My Plan. Once saved, the My Plan you created will be displayed on the home page.

4.View/Send/Print My Plan

View My Plan
Click “My Plan” on any page to display a list of information in the My Plan you created. Click a plan name to check the contents of the My Plan you created.

Edit My Plan
Edit the contents of the My Plan you created.
Print My Plan
Print the My Plan you created and use it as a guide map.

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