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Otsuki and Linear Chuo Shinkansen Area

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Located in eastern Yamanashi Prefecture, the area is approximately 80km from the center of Tokyo.

It is a mountainous area nestled between steep mountains and deep valleys, with the Chichibu mountain range to the north and the Misaka and Tanzawa mountains to the south.

From the Middle Ages the area has post stations along the Koshu Kaido Road, which led to the old capital of Edo, which is now called Tokyo, and castle towns; and today many famous spots and ruins remain.

In particular, Saru Bridge in Otsuki City is one of Japan’s three unique bridges, and is a nationally designated place of scenic beauty due to the way it harmonizes with the surrounding scenery.

There are also many programs that make use of the abundant natural environment such as farming activities and eco tours.


From Tokyo:
By train: Approximately 1 hour  from Shinjuku Station to Otsuki Station (JR Chuo Line).
By car: Approximately 1 hour on the Chuo Expressway to Otsuki I.C.