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Minami Alps and Kuonji Temple Area

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This mountainous area stretches from the southernmost point of the Kofu Basin in Yamanashi Prefecture to the border with Shizuoka Prefecture (through which Fuji River, one of Japan’s three most rapid rivers flows), and is surrounded by steep mountains. Traditional crafts and industries passed down through the ages are still alive in the area today.

It is said that the fireworks of the Ichikawa Daimon district started with the military fire beacons set up by Takeda clan. Fireworks for entertainment purposes became popular in the Edo Period, and those of Ichikawa, which were in the top three of Japan, color the night sky at firework displays across the country.

Traditional paper production, which became established here in the Middle Ages, is well known; and with a 40% share of the market the area produces the largest amount of paper used in shoji screens in Japan. There is also an abundance of history and culture. Kuon-ji Temple, the head temple of the Nichiren Sect of Buddhism on Mt. Minobu, has many national treasures and the stunningly beautiful weeping cherry blossom tree in the grounds lingers on in the hearts of the worshippers in spring.


From Tokyo:
By train: Approximately 1 hour 30 minutes from Shinjuku Station to Kofu Station (JR Chuo Line), then 40 minutes on the JR Minobu Line.
By car: Approximately 2 hours on the Chuo Expressway to Kofu-Minami I.C., then 30 minutes on the local roads.