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Obstacle courses

It is possible to get a fun workout at the obstacle courses in the natural settings of Yamanashi. The Forest Adventure parks in particular have obstacle courses that make use of natural forest features such as standing timber. Visitors ranging from children to adults can have extraordinary experiences that include crossing 10-meter high suspension bridges made of wood, making jumps with Tarzan ropes, and flying through the air on a 140-meter long zip-line. Harnesses are used so safety is ensured while playing at these parks.

There are other parks throughout the prefecture that also have obstacle courses, and these are bustling with families on holidays.

Many people have the impression that obstacle courses are for children, but these were essentially developed as places to train the mind and body while getting in touch with nature. This is an outdoor sport in which obstacles made from wood and ropes, etc. are passed in order to reach the finish line. These courses can be utilized as places to overcome a lack of exercise and build physical strength. Getting exercise in a relaxing natural environment provides an exceptional feeling of exhilaration.