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Other sports facilities

Yamanashi Prefecture has an abundance of facilities that accommodate a variety of different sports aside from the numerous outdoor sports that make use of its natural environment. At such facilities, it is possible to engage in a wide range of sports, including baseball, soccer, tennis, basketball, volleyball, and other ball games, as well as track and field, swimming, and competitive skating.

There are comprehensive sports parks throughout the prefecture, and these can be used in a wide range of ways, including for various competitions and as bases for the activities of student clubs and working-adult club teams. Kose Sports Park hosts large-scale tournaments and professional league games, including the games of local professional sports teams such as the J.League professional soccer team Ventforet Kofu, and the Yamanashi Queen Bees of the Women’s Japan Basketball League, as well as games of the Top League rugby league and the V.League volleyball league.

Also, Kose Sports Park has an ice arena that people enjoy year-round as a hub for figure skating and ice hockey, and Hokuto City has the prefecture’s only facility equipped with a sand court for the enjoyment of beach volleyball.

Utilizing these excellent environments, the prefecture is working to increase the number of persons competing in various types of sports, develop sports instructors, and promote sports for disabled persons.