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Yamanashi Prefecture, which is blessed with abundant nature, has many camping sites that make use of its geographical features such as mountains, lakes, and clear streams.

It is possible to experience different types of camping in the various parts of the prefecture, including the Fuji Five Lakes area where Mt. Fuji can be enjoyed next to lakes, the plateau area where the clear streams of Mt. Kaikomagatake and Yatsugatake can be enjoyed, and the area around Doshi River, which flows along the Doshi pathway.

There are various types of facilities including tent sites, automobile camping sites, bungalows, and log houses. Some campsites have areas where dogs can run around freely, and Onsen hot springs, and they are bustling with people throughout the camping season.

A variety of camp activities can be enjoyed, including fishing, forest exploration, and relaxing by the light of a lantern while holding a cup of coffee. Thus, campsites can be enjoyed in many different ways. Visitors ranging from serious camping enthusiasts to families wanting to relax can enjoy “outdoor life” in various different ways throughout the year.