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Mountain climbing

Yamanashi Prefecture is surrounded by many mountains above 2,000 m and 3,000 m in height, including Mt. Fuji, Yatsugatake, the Minami Alps, and mountains of the Chichibu area.

After a strenuous climb, the views from the mountaintops are so magnificent that fatigue from mountain climbing is immediately relieved! Making it to the peak provides an exceptional sense of accomplishment.

In 1997, Yamanashi’s list of 100 famous mountains was established, and it is a “mountain climbing prefecture” that has been visited by many enthusiasts accompanying the mountain climbing boom in recent years. The “Book of Yamanashi’s 100 Famous Mountains,” which introduces Yamanashi’s list of 100 famous mountains and enables entries to be made regarding mountain climbing records and so on, has been created so that more people can safely and enjoyably go mountain climbing in Yamanashi Prefecture. The Yamanashi Prefectural Police and Yamanashi Prefecture Mountain Federation jointly assign grades to the mountains so that people can enjoy mountain climbing in accordance with their level of physical strength and skill. Based on the grading, mountain climbing routes are categorized according to their difficulty level, and this serves as a reference so that people can reduce the risk of unforeseen mountain accidents and develop their mountain climbing experience in a gradual manner.

Please stay safe when mountain climbing by first of all referring to the mountain grades, and then choosing a level that is suitable for you.

Nevertheless, weather in the mountains can quickly change, and when climbing mountains with an elevation above 3,000 m, as represented by Mt. Fuji, there is an increased chance of getting altitude sickness. Climbing Mt. Fuji during the wintertime carries an especially high risk of a serious accident, so such mountain climbing is prohibited unless it is done in accordance with the “Guidelines for Ensuring Safety When Climbing Mt. Fuji” and with plenty of gear and planning, as well as sufficient skills, experience, and knowledge.

For safe and enjoyable mountain climbing, please create a thorough mountain climbing plan, share the relevant information with family members and the police, prepare suitable clothing and gear, and take sufficient care with regard to hazard prevention, etc. while climbing.