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Introduction of スポーツ/サイクリング courses

Western Line Course

The Western Line Course is a panoramic cycling course that loops around the Kofu Basin on the Western Line, which is wide farm road on the western side of Fujikawa River. There is a series of ups and downs at elevations between 500 m and 600 m. All along the course there are parks where it is possible to take a break, and these are great for catching your breath while enjoy views of the surrounding landscape. On days when the weather is good, it also possible to see Mt. Fuji. The views change with each season, so cyclists can expect to make new discoveries each time they ride on this course.

Key point

A short distance from the starting point, you will cross the Shirane Toka-bashi Bridge (Loop Bridge). When the peach and plum trees are in bloom, this spot becomes a Shangri-La and is highly recommended.


The course is complicated and there are many complex intersections, etc., so it is best to study the route in advance. It is easy to go too fast on the series of long downhill sections, so extra caution is required.

Course guide

The starting point is JR Chuo Main Line Nirasaki Station.

Pass by Midaiminami Park and continue southward.

Cross over Fujikawa River via the Fujigawa-ohashi Bridge.

The course then runs across a plateau, from which it is possible to look out at the Kofu Basin and various mountains.

The finish line is Sonekyuryo Park. This is also referred to as "Fudoki no Oka Hill," and on the vast grounds, there are facilities including playground equipment and a museum.

Course information

Difficulty level 2 Elevation difference 674m
Travel distance 51.6km Gradient


Start JR Chuo Main Line Nirasaki Station
Finish Sonekyuryo Park
Access by car From TokyoChuo Expressway Hachioji Interchange -> Chuo Expressway Futaba Smart Interchange, from here drive of about 25 minutesFrom NagoyaTomei Expressway Nagoya Interchange -> Chuo Expressway Komaki Junction -> Chuo Expressway Nirasaki Interchange, from here drive of about 20 minutes
Access by train JR Chuo Main Line Nirasaki Station, from here bicycle ride of about 20 minutes

Route map


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Facilities List