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Cycle Kingdom in Yamanashi

Cycle Kingdom in Yamanashi

The aim behind “Cycle Kingdom in Yamanashi” is to create an environment in which we can all safely and comfortably cycle around for whatever purpose we like – whether for our health or sports, or to promote tourism and regional development – by utilizing our local strengths and characteristics based on prefectural or municipal plans/goals and basic policies so as to help revitalize the economy throughout Yamanashi prefecture, and promote the use of bicycles.

Under the Yamanashi Prefecture Bicycle Utilization Promotion Plan established in September 2019, a variety of measures have been implemented across various fields to achieve a “Cycle Kingdom in Yamanashi.” Please take a look at the official Yamanashi Prefecture homepage for details.

Yamanashi Bicycle Network

Under the “Cycle Kingdom in Yamanashi,” we have established a network comprised of routes throughout Yamanashi prefecture that can easily be accessed by all to ensure comfortable and safe cycling along the “Yamanashi Bicycle Network.” Please check the “Yamanashi Bicycle Network” under the “Yamanashi Prefecture Bicycle Utilization Promotion Plan” (P.38) for details.

Cycling Courses

The links below introduce the eight different courses that have been prepared to suit every level from beginner to expert.
Each course introduction includes the key points and strategies. Let’s take the challenge!

Cyclist-friendly accommodations

The area around the Fuji Five Lakes in Yamanashi has attracted much attention for its pleasant cycling routes amidst the power of Mt. Fuji and the natural wildness. Here, we introduce cyclist-friendly accommodations in the Fuji Five Lakes area.

Cycle Support Stations

After it was agreed that the route for the “Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games Cycling Road Race” would pass through Yamanakako and Doshi villages, we decided to establish Cycle Support Stations as PR for the Olympic Games and raise the spirits of villagers, and to act as an Olympian legacy to promote tourism afterwards.

What is a Cycle Support Station?

It is a facility to support all manner of cyclists, so that they can enjoy cycling safely and comfortably by providing bicycle parking lots, rest areas, toilets, rental bicycle tools and pumps, etc., and a variety of information.

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