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Cyclist-friendly accommodations Hosting cyclists who enjoy touring by bicycle!

The area around the Fuji Five Lakes in Yamanashi has attracted much attention for its pleasant cycling routes amidst the power of Mt. Fuji and the natural wildness. Here, we introduce cyclist-friendly accommodations in the Fuji Five Lakes area where you can safely enjoy touring on your beloved bicycles.

Fuji View Hotel


Fuji View Hotel is located near Lake Kawaguchiko, offering gorgeous vistas of both Mt. Fuji and the lake from its rooms, and boasts a garden which shows off each season on its roughly 30,000 tsubo (about 100,000 m2) site.

Fuji Marriott Hotel Lake Yamanakako


Fuji Marriott Hotel Lake Yamanakako affords a quiet and secluded retreat surrounded by an abundance of greenery near Lake Yamanakako, allowing an up-close experience of the verdant nature at the foot of Mt. Fuji. Delicate and stylish designs are incorporated throughout the hotel's interior, conducive to an extraordinarily special feeling.

Yamanakako Lake House

Yamanakako Lake House is located near the tail of the whale-shaped Lake Yamanakako, with easy access from Tokyo, Kanagawa, and Shizuoka prefectures. The hotel is a primarily white western-style building with an observatory terrace on the roof of the garage.

Shoji Mount Hotel

This cozy hotel is near the shore of Lake Shojiko - one of the Fuji Five Lakes. The untamed wildness of Lake Shojiko and the Aokigahara-jukai Forest are right outside, with clear views of Mt. Fuji to the fore, and excellent access to Lake Kawaguchiko, the Asagiri highlands in Shizuoka prefecture, and routes towards Kofu.